For comparison, I thought I’d put up a glimpse of the “original” version,
the one that was available for reference after claims.

Folder is full of intermediate saves that aren’t necessarily improvements. Maybe I should’ve left it at ^? (It looks a lot better shrunk down this small*, and I’m forever fiddling with drafts.)

'cause when I finally got around to reading, I just saw these references to detail, and maybe the tweaked drawing makes it less obvious? Though it certainly doesn’t nullify. I definitely plan to reread and see if I can’t savor the story better now that I know how it ends. Great ending, by the way. Say that as someone who’s usually lukewarm about that.** Although does it really qualify as satisfying if the journey there felt rather short? I just…Aveline and fake!Wesley. I might have a bias. Which brings to - I hope no one saw my art notes and thought the commentary applied to the story too. That’s like looking at a book jacket blurb for a proper synopsis!

*Used to be that a reduction in size would muddle my work, so in that regard it’s kinda nice I prefer to look at it compact like this. Probably says something about progress.

**The other pairing, I mean. (not at all indifferent about her narrative arc, moving on being good and all)

desire / my beloved monster and me


Artwork: desire, by epsi*shawn
Warnings: scopophobia, stylistic depiction of blood
Notes: In the Fade, Aveline finds redemption from a familiar face.

Story: my beloved monster and me, by chileancarmenere
Pairings: Aveline Vallen/Wesley Vallen, Aveline Vallen/Donnic Hendyr
Warnings: some descriptions of violence; brief and not very explicit sex scene
Summary: Aveline fights demons. At least, she thinks they’re demons. Sometimes, she isn’t so sure.

That’s ours. Thanks, chileancarmenere. (And mods!)

d e s i r e ~ solace in second chances

[[MORE]]Description:Aveline and Ser Wesley or, rather, Caress in Wesley’s guise, loosely derived from the form taken by the desire demon in Night Terrors. Color palette is largely purple, black, and red, with a bit of yellow, white, and green. Aveline is unarmored but armed. Her sword is gingerly held to point at the ground, so as to suggest piercing the joint of a phantasmic head and shoulder, glowing red in the silhouette of a symbolic heart. She reaches out with a hand made similarly transparent, its lucency extended to the wrist. The way in which she aims to reach looks as if she might grip the sword with both hands, one on the blade. Her expression is serene, her hair subject to a slight breeze, and all around is the fog of demonic influence, centered in the figure beside her. The partial garb of his ensemble (a templar’s uniform, lost to disarray) and an easy indolence speak to his true nature. His stare is fixed upon the viewer, to whom it is evident the demon’s power in the light of his eyes and his skin, from the bared torso to a visible hand, enshrouded in magic that is suggestive of a claw.
Masterpost to follow.

d e s i r e ~
solace in second chances

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