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Desktop replacement PC, featuring an arrangement of icons against default selection of wallpaper. The multiboot netbook is equally boring (2/3 are even left as default default, if memory serves). Sidenote: I have MyPaint installed twice there because different Linux builds run different versions, and it gives me an idea just how “out of date” ElementaryOS is.

It’s gonna be just me and the bun until early Sunday late Saturday.

Stairs are the poor bun’s alternative to romping through the great outdoors.

Rabbit stairmaster.

Somebun learned how to go down the stairs last week. This is not a video of that. This is only a video of the first stair run of the day.

Canopy living in an efficiency apt.

Somebun has gotten accustomed to roaming freely. Somebun has not, however, forgotten the harness and leash. Somebun got double-teamed, hid in the bushes, and then eventually somersaulted out halfway and had to be taken home.

Somebun’s outdoor days are over. And good riddance too.

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