Little bunny takes the stairs two steps at a time, eh? Fly, my pretty, it’s time to go home!

I know.

I’ll torch my (fake) silks with the contents of all those matchbox tins bought with commission money last-last year.

The placed-there-by-me contents. Not the delivered air or vintage strikers.

Those ubiquitous palette asks from that prompt meme that’s been floating around for ages now have me wanting to hone my intuition for color schemes


I also want to tackle painting from the “ugliest” sets submitted (especially #ff3000, #bfda00, #eeff01, #88edff, #fe24d3, #0e4700) like I’ve got something to prove, ‘cause remember the three-to-five color splotches I would use as my “ink wells”? They weren’t the best of choices. And I’m feeling the motivation, only it’s gotta go up against the inertia.

Also also insert hipster comment here.

but $#!+ it was 99 cents plus shipping

Ah yes the silk things I ordered are here, no wait why are so many of them lined in polyester. 100% silk, ha. Fifty percent of the garment maybe. And the wrong half at that.

I didn’t want the material to show off; I wanted it to lie directly against my skin.


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Desktop replacement PC, featuring an arrangement of icons against default selection of wallpaper. The multiboot netbook is equally boring (2/3 are even left as default default, if memory serves). Sidenote: I have MyPaint installed twice there because different Linux builds run different versions, and it gives me an idea just how “out of date” ElementaryOS is.

It’s gonna be just me and the bun until early Sunday late Saturday.

Stairs are the poor bun’s alternative to romping through the great outdoors.

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