Desperately resorting to typing on phone.

I’m pretty sure it’s taken me longer to write the description than it did to make the actual art.

Right? This is crucial stuff. Not that I would have it any other way.* Plus, from a certain perspective it’s fun. Hard, challenging fun. Sometimes satisfactory fun. Just sent in two submissions, I did just now, and I don’t think I left any blindspots unmentioned. I really, really, want to do a third, but I don’t know if I can!

*I’m pretty proud how that turned out.

Writing the description…
The wordcraft is as much a mess as the visual. Guess that means it matches. (I am good at this.)

This piece is inconsistent and overworked, but at least I finished something!

This took forever last winter. The drafts for the next 10+ pages are somewhere…

Sometimes I have trouble remembering which version is original and which is flipped.

New shoe leather, meet bun’s teeth.

epsi* 2.2,
with a focus on lowbrow love and derivative works.

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